StarWars I Back to Back

StarWars II 
Mapping the Stars
StarWars III
The Holi Day Special

Starwars is a series of eight dry point etchings inspired by "Ganesh vs. the Third Reich", a drama by the Australian Back to Back Theater.

In this play Lord Ganesha arrives on the world stage in 1943 to reclaim the Swastika, a Hindu symbol of prosperity.

This quest is here embroiled with a second battle.

The brother of Ganesha: Lord Murugan also arrives, striving to retrieve the Shatkona, a Hindu symbol resembling the Star of David. The Shatkona symbolizes the balance between knowledge and action.

The Swastika and the Shatkona may be interpreted as stellar. The battle for meaning of the SS symbols is a War of the Stars.

Prana - Columbus and the last Emporer

Print 40 / 60 cm

It was the dream of Columbus to conquer Jerusalem with the gold of the Indians & establish a World Empire.

The map marks his fixed navigation point in the sky.

Prana Columbus and the Last World Emporer

Ankunft der Indianer - Die Söhne von Shiva

Print 29 / 24 cm

The sons of Shiva arrive to retrieve the Swastika and the Shatkona.

Ankunft der Indianer Die Sohne von Shiva

Clone Wars - Raven stealing the Sun

The theft from the Sun is an Indian creation myth.

In darkness Raven sets out to find the light.
Clone Wars Raven stealing the Sun

Kavadi - Sewing a Twin Back to Back

The kavadi is a physical torture by which a devotee of Murugan begs for help.

In Ganesh vs. the Third Reich Ganesha has an encounter with Doctor Mengele.

Mengele sewed an identical twin back to back.

The boys wear Indian transformation masks.
Kavadi Sewing a Twin Back to Back

Die einzelnen Linien - Escape from the monorail

The elephant house in Berlin was bombed in 1943. One bull called Siam survived.
Inspiration for this drypoint is the jump of an elephant in panic, through the window of a S-Bahn Kaiserwagen, 12 meters down into a river below.
Die einzelnen Linien - Escape from the Monorail

Berlin - Ursa Minor

This city map has its source in the star chart of Dunhang.
Berlin Ursa Minor

Murugan - Hiranyakasipu - Ganesha

Multi-armed Murugan is the God of War who does not hesitate to help out.

Hiranyakasipu is a demon striving for hegemony.

Ganesha is worshiped as the God of Wisdom.
Murugan Hiranyakasipu Ganesha

Vishnu - Hiranyakasipu - Pieta

Vishnu's Avatar embraces the lifeless body of Hiranyakasipu.
Vishnu Hiranyakasipu Pieta

Joost Witte, Harlingen 2013